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Aratox - We Gut You Covered! 

Purge the bad out, feel the good in!

What is ARATOX?

Aratox is a botanical drink mix resistant maltodextrin with kombucha and date vinegar that helps to relieve constipation, manage weight and trim waistlines.

One box consist of 24 sachets in powdered form, please add 200ml water to drink. 



    • Manufactured by MCB Biotechnology Nutritionals, Taiwan

    • A high-quality ingredient using patented microencapsulated technology under strict temperature and pressure control to safeguard its nutrition value
    • Manually hand-picked from the high altitude of Alishan mountain in Taiwan


    • Fibersol-2 is USA patented, extracted from Cornstarch, imported from Japan and a low-calorie supplement
    • Does not affect absorption of calcium and other minerals
    • Natural plants as raw materials


    • Rich in acetic acid and antioxidants (flavonoids, procyanidins, phenolic acids).

    • Possess threefold functions; Suppress appetite; Reduce inflammation; Combat free radicals.


    • Contain various antioxxidant compunds such as flavonoids, tannins, phenols and saponins and tartaric acid.

    • Aid in digestion and improves intestinal absorption.



Mix and shake well with 200ml warm water or you can even be creative with fruit juices! Example: apple/pineapple/orange/grapefruit.

Take 1 sachet a day before bed to regulate bowel movement

Take 2 sachets a day before any meals and one sachet before bed for detox and weight management.

Serving per Box: 24 sachets. 

Possible Allergens:
Customers with food allergies or other nutritional concerns are advised to check full ingredients list before purchase. Our In-house nutritionist is available for additional information or support and may be reached here.