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spiro frusso combi plan

Frusso + Spiro Detox Combi Set

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Time to Reset & Cleanse, the Clean & Healthy Way!

Are you feeling:

  • Bloated?
  • Sluggish & Fatigue?
  • Weight gained?
  • Constipated?
  • Dull skin? 
  • Poor digestion (always burping after a meal?)

Our beJuicyfit Frusso & Spi2ro Detox combi set will assist in resetting your body & eliminating toxins & heavy metals that are hidden within your body cells which contributes to weight gain, poor health & poor bowel movements! 

Specialy designed by beJuicyfit, the Reset & Cleanse focuses on consuming raw fruits, lean protein & vegetables in combination with Frusso & Spi2ro to make detox as enjoyable and adaptable for anyone!

By eliminating Caffeine, Processed Carbs, Processed Sugar, alcohol, you are letting your body rest and focusing all its inner energy in detoxing & cleansing accumulated toxins & heavy metals that causes inflammation which leads to poor health.

You will be getting targeted meal plans and personalised advice from our in-house nutritionist as we focus primarily on ensuring that our customer's achieve their health and weight management goals in a healthier way when consuming our functional food supplements.

What is:

Frusso - A  beneficial dietary fibre that assists in bulking up stools and improving bowel movements ( assists in  constipation relief & reduce bloating). It also aids in detoxing the body of toxins by binding to fat & toxins and brushing it out from the body.

Spi2ro - A superfood that detoxes the overall body from toxins, heavy metals, stagnant water that contributes to weight gain, and a super antioxidant that provides the body with green blood & essential nutrients that promotes cellular regeneration & repair & boosts immune system.

This powerful combi set is good for one month's consumption. 

You get:
2+1 boxes of Frusso (total 60 sachets)
1 bottle of Spiro (total 60 tablets)
Nutritionist Guidance on detox plans based on your health goals

*please note that Spiro arrival time is longer than usual due to customs inspection. (please contact us if this is a concern)