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Is Frusso Legit? Is Frusso a scam?

Q: Is Frusso Legit? Is Frusso a scam? 

A: Frusso is not legit if you purchase from :

  1. Unauthorised sellers or unknown sources.
  2. Sellers who delay in responding to enquiries, refuse to respond, suddenly disappear from the web or social media account that you purchased from.
  3. Online shopping platforms. (eg: Lazada, Shopee, etc)

Frusso may be fake
As Frusso is widely popular, there are unethical people who want to ride on its fame and get quick money by selling it cheaper than retail. If it is cheaper than retail, higher chances that it may be fake, 
because Frusso’s pricing is strictly controlled by the company and is standardised world-wide. 

Lack/Missing of post-sale communication
So you’ve purchased it already but there’s no order number, no tracking status update, no response from your seller and you start to wonder if you’ve been scammed. Please reach out immediately to PayPal or your bank to voice your concern, they may be able to help get your money back. 

Frusso is not working
You may have seen some advertisements claiming the product's effectiveness or after consuming the product, you think that the seller over-claimed. The product itself isn’t the problem but the knowledge of how to consume it correctly to reach your desired result. Know how to take Frusso to maximise its effect.

Always choose to buy from reputable and verified sources that have professional support like Nutritionist guidance, support QR code verification, and customer service that responds timely to enquiries. Do your research before you make any purchase, and ask as many questions as you wish before purchasing as it is important to choose to buy from responsible and credible sellers who give good sound logical advice (such as nutrition guidance) instead of giving false hope by over-claiming or with unrealistic promises. When it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

We have received many complaints (see screenshots below) about not receiving products after payment was made, sellers not responding to enquiries post-purchase, and when the product did not work there was no support in any form (customer & product knowledge service, nutritionist support). 

As much as we sympathise with these issues, unfortunately they did not purchase from beJuicyfit we are unable to assist much.

Please shop wisely!